Self-reliance and self-defense are skills rapidly eroding in modern culture.  Children in public schools are meant to rely on hiding in rooms guarded by unarmed teachers.  Mainstreamed women are regularly encouraged to rely on protectors (such as police or husbands) at the expense of their own personal advocacy and power.

Browsing the utility aisle in Target today, I chanced upon a small self-defense area clearly marketed to women.  The selections included weak mace sprays (in pink bottles) and also pink or red “personal alarms.” 20170217_124705_hdr

As you can see, the package depicts a smiling and lip-glossed woman carelessly tossing her handbag over her shoulder.  One is mean to assume that her carefree attitude stems from trusting in her tiny pink alarm that promises to “help draw attention during emergencies.”  The package also promises that the alarm will “deter and alert.”  Alert who, exactly?

Sifting through cultural baggage, one can only assume that the heroine only has to press on her tiny pink siren to call her fearless hero-protector to her side.

This passive woman calling for help meets the cliche of the damsel in distress and the princess in the tower.  It is a woman who looks to everyone but herself for protection and defense.

The passive pink princess stereotype encourages and enables more attacks upon women to occur.

Within the prepping community, arms and defense should not be the exclusive purview of men, while the women sharpen their weaving and canning skills.  Everyone needs all of these skills to be a well-rounded human.

Women must take up arms, practice true self-defense and never rely on that hero who may never show up.